Foam or latex mattress?

Foam mattresses are often a little cheaper at equal ranges. They will be better suited for people who like soft mattresses especially for models with shape memory. Attention because there are foam mattresses with a home latex which allows to combine the two technologies and give a pleasant result.

The 100% latex mattresses are known to be more breathable and they give a more dynamic welcome. They are recommended quite often for people with large builds or who sweat a lot for example because of the often high density of latex. You will not have this ultra-plush or wraparound home with a latex mattress.

Foam mattress VS latex, summary:

Latex is needed side support especially because of its density significantly higher than foam mattresses. We turn between 60 to 95 kg / m3 for natural latex models.

Latex mattresses are recommended for overweight people.

Side aeration: latex is slightly superior to foam mattresses and may be suitable for people who sweat a lot. They are nevertheless less interesting than spring mattresses.

Side comfort and soft: Foam mattresses are needed but it is also a pretty personal opinion. We know that some people do not like the comfort of latex that tends to be more bouncy than foam.

The price of latex mattresses remains higher than for foam models. So if you have a limited budget, opt for foam.

Latex mattress or springs

To finish this section, here is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of latex and spring mattresses.

As for the support of the body, they are equivalent.

Both technologies may be suitable for overweight people. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to opt for a number of adequate spring> 800 on the side of the mattresses with pocket springs.

In terms of ventilation, spring mattresses are more effective overall.

In terms of comfort, difficult to slice, let’s say that the springs offer an interesting comfort for the general public where the latex can surprise and displease due to the rebound effect of the raw material.

Latex mattresses remain more expensive (especially if you want 100% natural or organic).

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